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Threads - Review of solo show at Connexions Gallery

I had the opportunity to view Susan Washington's work with her wonderful sewn fabric canvasses highlighted with mixed media design. She incorporates fabric stitched together in an interesting way and adds just enough color to create her own, new and exciting form of artwork. This art embodies the world of fashion in a way that is creative and unique. It did not surprise me to find that Susan was part of the NYC Fashion Industry for many years before transforming her world of fabric into her own art form. Her use of textured patterns fit together in an amusing way; but instead of a garment, she presents to us a new and creative abstract. This is an exciting time for Susan. Californians are her biggest clients. My guess is they like the idea of having a bit of the NYC Fashion Industry right in their homes! Susan Washington is an artist you will want to meet. Her smile lights up the gallery, and finding a button or piece of thread on her canvas will add an element of surprise to your day! “ - Becky Civjan


We recently finished a renovation of a sub-penthouse flat on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. We have sweeping floor
to ceiling windows with North East and West views over the skyline and Lake Michigan and wanted large, bold
canvases that could match and compliment our stunning views.

Susan’s palette and lines have that quality we were looking for and we found the process working around the
commission of our two large pieces engaging and stimulating. Susan is a very intuitive artist. She has a skill for
translating ideas and a curiosity to play with elements and composition. Her technical range allows her to effortlessly
mock-up thoughts to canvas and play back in an iterative style to make sure she creates works that capture her
clients’ sentiment.

Susan is also a highly professional person: she sent us near daily progress images and was hyper responsive to
emails and communication. When it came to shipping the large canvasses she packaged well and securely and
personally man-handled FedEx to chaperone the shipment from her studio to us safely.

-   Nina Germeyer     



The Art of Susan Molina Washington a Review written by Peter Stastny

It gives me a thrill to think that in my comings and goings I have had the privilege of finding and collecting the work of
Susan Washington. At present I have a number of her creations and all of them are hanging on the walls of my home.
My prize possession is a set of four paintings that I asked her to do and that she called ‘Pablo’, because, even
though they are abstract, they were vaguely inspired by the work of Pablo Picasso. I also have another one she did
which was inspired by Picasso’s Guernica. These paintings are hanging in my dining room and every time I go by
them I pause as if to say ‘hello’ to very dear old friends. The four-panel set called Pablo, like many of her paintings,
started as a draft on her computer. I found these abstract paintings very attractive and suggested she execute them
for me as a composite with each panel being a square measuring 30 x 30 inches. Although each of the compositions
in this set is made of just shapes in different colors, they evoke in the viewer an intense response which is based on
the dynamic interrelationships of the forms. Each panel shows us these intricate shapes that form a scene that takes
the viewer by surprise and speak, it appears, of hidden meanings and entanglements. You can get lost for hours
contemplating these panels and if you are in a receptive mood they will tell you stories of deeds and
accomplishments. Each panel is different and sings a somewhat different tune. In the end though, they complement
each other to form a complex piece that is coherent and satisfying. When I stand in front of them in an attempt to
study them, I sometimes concentrate on the details of one of the panels only to realize how similar and yet how
different it is from each of its neighbors. One game I like to play is to try to determine which of the four panels I like
the most. Sometimes it is the lower left panel, other times the one in the upper right. Actually, all four are beautiful
variations on a common theme and they fit together perfectly. I have reproductions of Picasso’s Guernica painting
and recently, in Madrid, I stood before and admired the original. It is a very large, mural painting. It is in the Reina
Sofia Museum in Madrid and even today precautions are taken to guard it against possible vandalism. It is the story
of the agony of that little town in Spain that in 1937 was bombed by forces supporting General Franco. The painting
represents the painter’s protest against these horrible acts of war in a Spain divided and tormented by the killing of
its own citizens. These political issues are behind us but there remains the voice of the artist protesting against this
war and all wars and doing it in a strong and beautiful style. It is fascinating to me how Susan Washington has
captured the spirit of Picasso’s original painting and has been able to evoke its beauty in these panels in her own
voice. These new and completely original paintings stand on their own feet and if in their abstract shapes they owe
anything to the master, it is just the hint of a dream of which one has trouble remembering the details when one is
wide awake. But make no mistake about it, these are the creations of an artist who is completely original and new.
She may have called this group of paintings ‘Pablo’, but they are the original creations of Susan Washington, an
artist whose work is not widely known yet, but undoubtedly will be in the future.



After seeing Susan Washington's art at various galleriesI knew it was right for a project I was working on.My
client was so pleased, he purchased two paintings.

In addition I purchased a large painting to hang in my own home!