Catwalk .003

Catwalk .003


I am really exploring the mediums here, oil paint and vintage kimono fabric and papers. I was inspired from the Valentino couture show, continued emotional reaction and I wanted to capture the feelings every time I watch it. I love it that even for people who don't fully understand abstract art, this work is still resonating with them because of the feelings they evoke with the color and movement, etc., in the artwork. I have been buying vintage kimono's from Japan that I wear and I loved the fabric so much I just couldn't resist cutting a chunk off to use in the artwork. All the beauty that I find, physical and emotional, I find a way to incorporate it into something to last forever. 

Also for this piece, I used special paper. When I was a kid I was looking at a book my dad had, it had a padded cover. I was so curious about the texture I took my play scissors and worked hard for a long time to cut open the cover (typical of me huh) when I finally opened it I found the padding was created from a bunch of old Chinese newspapers! I remember being so excited like it was top secret uncovered. I put some of those and some newer Chinese newspaper pieces into this painting. You really have to look for them in the painting but I hope you are as excited as I am when you find them! 

This work is sold unframed but on a gallery wrap canvas and is ready to hang.

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