“It’s absolutely perfect and beautiful!!!!!”

Jimmy O. Yang, HBO’s Silicon Valley

“I was instantly attracted to Susan and her work, her story and her connection to the fashion world.  I like to let Susan go with her instincts. The results have always been amazing and my clients and I love all the pieces”

Nora Schneider, Interior Designer, Chicago

“After seeing Susan Washington’s art at various galleries, I knew it was right for a project I was working on. My client was so pleased, he purchased two paintings! In addition I purchased a large painting to hang in my own home!

Lucia Vanin-Agrusa, Interior Designer, NY, Italy

Your work is so enjoyed- we are blessed to have it!

Margaret Oehler, Interior Designer Pook Design, NY

“It gives me a thrill to think that in my comings and goings I have had the privilege of finding and collecting the work of Susan Washington. At present I have a number of her creations and all of them are hanging on the walls of my home. My prize possession is a set of four paintings that I asked her to do and that she called ‘Pablo’  She may have called this group of paintings ‘Pablo’, but they are the original creations of Susan Washington, an artist whose work is not widely known yet, but undoubtedly will be in the future.

Peter Stastny, Texas

“I just wanted to let you know how wonderful I think your art is.  A short time ago I purchased some of your pieces through Saatchi Art. And I am really looking forward to enjoying it.  

Looking forward to following you and hopefully enjoying more of your work in the future.

David Hoey,  Denk Gallery LA 

“ I showed my wife  your artwork, and what I purchased earlier- she equally loves it all. In fact, she finds your pieces so wonderful she asked that we buy more-which I just did (another 7 pieces).

Thank you for brightening our world.

 David and Katja Hoey, Denk Gallery, LA

“I have been a fan of yours— everything I love about painting is in your work. I am so excited about having one of your ptgs! I loved so many of them but I walked into that room and immediately yelped when I saw the one I bought. When I learned it was called “she’s lost control” I knew there was a god.  

Pearl, Bethlehem PA

“Susan is really warm and approachable and easy to talk to. She made “Dancing Queen” for us and we could not be happier. She put us at ease with mock ups describing the sense of direction she was going as this was the first time we ever commissioned. We are super grateful for Susan and really enjoyed the process and are very happy with the result.

Brenda Kunzweiler, NJ

“We recently finished a renovation of a sub-penthouse flat on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. We have sweeping floor to ceiling windows with North East and West views over the skyline and Lake Michigan and wanted large, bold canvases that could match and compliment our stunning views. Susan’s palette and lines have that quality we were looking for and we found the process working around the commission of our two large pieces engaging and stimulating. Susan is a very intuitive artist. She has a skill for translating ideas and a curiosity to play with elements and composition. Her technical range allows her to effortlessly mock-up thoughts to canvas and play back in an iterative style to make sure she creates works that capture her clients’ sentiment.

Dean and Nina Germeyer, Chicago

“Be it however Susan Washington orchestrates her compositions’ distinctive structural feel to them- while still creating a soft comforting overtone to her paintings overall - is the reason what pulled me to LOVE her work, her style and my own selected pieces from her. I felt immediate appreciation, (as any beholder invested in her art will find), that her paintings would, absolutely DOES- completely anchor and thoroughly enhance any room- evidence of her own personal passion and mind’s abstract expression through every brush stroke and her modern collage. Susan’s works of art are timeless pronounced elegance captured on canvas and will always remain a brilliant find in what seems more and more exclusively rare in the art world today.

Melanie Maloney, NY

“I just received the painting and I'm crazy in love with it! Even more exquisite in person with deep textures…”

Jackie Dobranski, Washington DC

“I have wanted to reach out to you since we first received the artwork and now that we have installed it in our home in New York City. While I have never purchased artwork online, as I had some concerns about my ability to determine something from photos-this piece exceeded our expectation when we saw it in person. 

Amy Berlin Wolpert, NYC